Solex (TM)

Inti Technologies Inc. (INTI), a division of Immunotrex Biologics, is focused on ways to help solve the world energy demands by advancing renewable energy technologies. INTI has developed SOLEX, a Solid Phase based High Yield (SPHY) Photobiological Hydrogen Production (PHP) technology. SOLEX generates yields in excess of 50% greater than currently utilized photobiological methods in both hydrogen and biofuel component production. With a global scientific mandate to reduce consumption of traditional fossil fuels, the potential benefits of developing a high-efficiency, renewable and sustainable clean energy solution are innumerable.

INTI was founded in 2010 to design, develop and test alternative clean energy technology enhancements. INTI is pursuing a revolutionary approach to harnessing energy from renewable sources. With the currently demonstrated increase in yield, and concomitant reduction in cost, physical footprint and environmental impact, SOLEX is poised to make significant advances in alternative fuel production a reality. SOLEX is currently being scaled up from pilot production capabilities.

If your organization would like to learn more about INTI, its proprietary technologies and renewable energy efforts, we invite you to contact us directly.

Time elapsed cell density of SPHY in solid and liquid phases compared to control.

SPHY Bio-hydrogen & Biofuel Production Schematic