Ascelpius (TM)

Asclepius™ is a water-based PEG polymer nanoparticle system developed by Immunotrex, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. The nanoparticle is inert, ranging in size from 50-80 nanometers and is capable of carrying a variety of molecules.
Immunotrex has targeted a number of potential applications for Asclepius, and is actively seeking collaborators engaged in novel therapeutic research for whom a water-based, inert PEG polymer transport and delivery system has appeal. Immunotrex foresees a broad spectrum of utility, and increasing demand for Asclepius across multiple life sciences and biotechnology platforms.

Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Nanoparticles:
A Summary of Key Points
     Enzymes allow for infinitely flexible methodology.
     Materials may be designed for a particular application.
     The system is economical, efficient and versatile.
     The PEG copolymer is biologically inactive – non-toxic.
     The process is “green” – commercial appeal, ecological requirement.
     Potential applications are abundant.

If you are interested in using Asclepius nanoparticle transport and delivery within a novel life sciences or biotechnology application or collaborating in large scale production of Asclepius water-based PEG polymer nanoparticles, please contact Immunotrex for further information.