Our Mission:
     Immunotrex Biologics is a molecular medicine and biotechnology company committed to improving the Quality of Life for patients by developing innovative therapies and diagnostic technologies that raise the standard of healthcare.
     We are working to bridge the gap between the research lab and healthcare industry. By focusing on therapeutic solutions to healthcare associated infections, targeted cancer treatments and strain-specific, Point-of-Care molecular diagnostics, we strive to improve the lives of millions and reduce unnecessary hospital expense.
     Enhanced quality of patient care and concomitant reduction in health care expense through targeted medicine and novel laboratory based biomedical engineering is the cornerstone of our mission.

Our Goals:
     To research and develop novel solutions in biomedical diagnostics, molecular therapeutics and alternative energy by fostering an academic setting for private research targeted to significant unmet needs in major market sectors. We develop proprietary new product ideas to the point of significant viability, then market those innovations to larger organizations with the necessary existing infrastructure to finalize, mass produce, and distribute the end product.

Our Philosophy:
     To support world-class research and collaborations with individuals and organizations worldwide that are critical to developing commercialized products for the benefit of the health and well-being of our society.