Mosaic 545 (TM)

Immunotrex Biologics’ has developed a proprietary diagnostic technology utilizing molecular diagnostics – the branch of in vitro medical diagnostics based on the detection of nucleic acid sequences.  Our system, called Mosaic 545,™ is a stand-alone instrument that will enable laboratory personnel to identify bacterial or viral sources of [human] infections to the family, genus, and species level in less than one hour – well under the usual forty-eight hours – the current standard of care.  Mosaic 545™ features an innovative design, which will impact all facets of microorganism identification.  Mosaic 545™ will dramatically shorten the time to diagnosis, thereby minimizing patient morbidity and mortality AND allowing significant cost savings.

The company has developed a prototype of Mosaic 545™ ready for evaluation in the clinical setting  Immunotrex Biologics has already made multiple prototypes for testing in  different market segments.